We work across a range of divisions and market segments and have a diverse client portfolio enabling us to cater to our candidates requirements. Please see more information below on the divisions that we cover.

  • Emiritisation

    Piermont Search have an excellent track record covering Emiratisation and continue to work with leading organisations as their exclusive provider. We have access to a huge talent pool of Emiratis, use creative and innovative recruitment campaigns to attract passive candidates and have associations with leading universities. We understand the importance of Emiratisation to the UAE’s future and take great pride in our contribution to the country’s Emirati work force.

  • Finance and Accounting

    We have worked within the finance space for a number of years across a wide range of industries, placing individuals from graduate level accountants through to Global Chief Financial Officers. We service the fields of accounting, finance, internal audit and have successfully assisted clients across the Gulf and beyond. Projects have included the successful build out of finance departments.

  • Healthcare

    Our coverage into the regions’ developing healthcare space continues to grow. We offer recruitment solutions to a number of clients across the healthcare industry in the Middle East with a particular focus on providers such as hospitals, clinical laboratories and healthcare professional services. The industry and organisations in the region continue to rapidly evolve and we work with partners covering clinical and non-clinical functions at all levels across the healthcare spectrum.

  • Human Resources

    Human Resources plays such an important role in every organisation and are a valuable asset. The modern HR team supports the organisations people and drives strategy to contribute to the growth and improvement of the business. We are well positioned to source the best talent from this region and internationally, as well as being able to advise our clients, ensuring that they have the right HR function in place.

  • Insurance

    We have extensive experience in the insurance field having worked closely with both local and global insurance entities for a number of years across the region and internationally. We have successfully completed hiring projects as well as the execution of numerous c-suite search mandates with the leading insurers covering both technical and operational hires. Our team has excellent market knowledge keeping abreast of the changing insurance landscape.

  • Marketing, Communications and PR

    Piermont Search has successfully placed a number of senior marketing, communication and PR individuals into such industries as entertainment, insurance and semi-government entities. Projects include the hiring of numerous Emiratis in this area. Over the years we have built a strong network within this field both in the Gulf region as well as the UK market.

  • Professional Support and Administration

    Professional support staff play a key role in helping organisations achieve their targets. The Piermont team has over 10 years experience working in the UK and Middle East providing support staff to the government and semi-government sectors as well as multinational organisations.

  • Real Estate and Property Management

    We work with specific partners within the real estate market including property and development companies as well as property consultancies. The Piermont team ensure that our clients secure the best talent with sound technical ability and experience both from the Middle East and international markets. Piermont Search has a successful strategic partnership with one of the UAE’s leading real estate groups, with particular focus on strengthening their Emirati workforce.